Our vision.

Van Dijk Bouw & Interieur is a company founded from an ambition.

Dennis van Dijk

After 10 years of experience in construction, we started to ask ourselves what could be improved within the construction industry. We found that most customers found it difficult to give shape to their ideas, so during a renovation they discovered that the style they had chosen didn't fit with what they had in mind.

This resulted in unforeseen costs and stress during the construction process. That is why we deliver a total package of design, construction and interior construction to ensure that your wishes come true.

We turn your idea into a design that perfectly matches your wishes and we provide the right construction supervision. Van Dijk Bouw & Interieur delivers a total package from your idea to your living pleasure. We ensure that your construction process runs without worries, no surprises afterwards. Our total package consists of:



We offer interior designs to shape your wishes. It ensures that, after a long busy day, you enter a house that actually feels like a home, a place where you can relax and unwind.

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If your home no longer meets your requirements, you can choose to (partially) renovate the house. Whether it concerns a small or large renovation, we will work with you on the best solution.

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Interior construction.

Van Dijk Bouw & Interieur designs and produces all custom interior work, for both the private and business market

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Are you as excited as we are?